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Against votes in Council casted by Greece

This page shows a full list of all the votes concerning acts adopted in accordance with the co-decision procedure in the Council of the European Union where Greece voted Against. The list is sorted by date. To obtain further information on the different proposals you can look them up in the official EU-database PreLex.

Vote title Date
Voting result Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2003/88/EC concerning certain aspects of the organisation of working time (LA) (first reading) (a) Adoption of the common position 10597/08 SOC 359 SAN 123 TRANS 201 MAR 83 CODEC 763 + COR 1 (fi) + REV 1 (pl) 12555/08 CODEC 1041 SOC 464 SAN 165 TRANS 270 MAR 115 + COR 1 (b) Adoption of the statement of the Council''s reasons 10597/08 SOC 359 SAN 123 TRANS 201 MAR 83 CODEC 763 ADD 1 + REV 1 approved by Coreper, Part 1, on 10.9.2008 2888th meeting of the COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (General Affairs and External Relations) Monday 15 September 2008


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