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Short introduction to HvemStemmerHvad

- a brief explanation in English

Directly translated "Hvem Stemmer Hvad" means "Who Votes What". It is a parliamentary transparency website which collects voting records from the Danish parliament Folketinget and presents it in a readable manner. Unfortunately the website does not exists in an English version. The site provides possibilities to compare voting records of parties, follow parliamentary questions and attendance levels. Also the site monitors media coverage of Danish MPs by going through the larges online media sites in Denmark on a daily basis. In addition HvemStemmerHvad has made small analyses on municipal elections in Denmark and on the voting behavior in the European-Parliament as well as the EU Council.

If you are interested in the data on our site only, we have made a small free to use API. Instructions are in Danish but should be pretty much straight forward.

The site is non-profit and has been developed and is run by the small Copenhagen based company Buhl & Rasmussen. Buhl & Rasmussen does datamining and consultancy in the field of politics and IT, we can be contacted through our website.

We have a site in English on the European Parliament, see: Its Your Parliament.

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